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Online classes are a challenge of a different kind. It feels quite intimidating to know that everything you are saying and doing is being recorded for inspection. Especially when one of your main aims is to "cultivate good energy". It's not necessarily an attractive aim and I have often said my classes are not to train acrobats or insta models (although I have been asked to before) but to recharge our bodies and minds.

I can also get quite carried away and in my "real" classes have regular attendees who keep me on track and point out to me that I am on the right not left side, or when I have forgotten something. I can ask how things are going, and see whether we need to repeat things or if we can speed up or need to slow down during class.

When the council asked us to do classes online I was not enthusiastic. Facebook live is a strange way to pass on info. But it is what it is and if it's the only way to get people moving why not. I am doing the over 60s so that is a fun and a generally patient crowd. Often outspoken so it is quieter ;-D. The council has also added whanau yoga which looks really fun and has other experienced trainers online and all for free!

Zoom on the other hand is great because I can see everyone, if they want me to. As I said in my last post So I can still help out with your movement and we can modify things if we need to. Apologies in advance for any tech issues. So far there have been small issues every class! - and I am still looking for a way to have a clearer picture down there in front of my fireplace.

Pricing for the zoom classes is koha so you can come for free or pay if you like. Check out the pricing plans and chose what suits you. The link should automatically be sent to you but if it is not just text me or check the facebook page.

Online issues aside I have been getting SO MUCH calm and clarity from calligraphy yoga lately. It has astounded me so do not be surprised if there is some extra calligraphy flow in the classes. I am trying to keep it as familiar as possible though so feel free to tune in when you have the time and inclination.

Be well all. Kia ora and take care. Chevanne

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