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Walking as meditation

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

There has been a lot of illness this spring on the news and all around us. When we are unwell it is important to put self care first with a lot of rest and hydration. As we recover we may find this puts a strain on fitness and meditation regimes as you will notice it is almost impossible to push physically or to relax into meditation when your head is spinning, tummy churning or sometimes even when we are just feeling generally out of sorts. I have also seen people asking on yoga forums what to do when they are just feeling too unsettled to practice yoga.

It reminds me of a monk in India. He was our instructor on yoga philosophy and meditation. He warned when we do not feel we want to do yoga or meditate then it is best not to, and suggested perhaps it is better we walk. He explained sometimes it is just best to walk and let the mind settle into meditation with the movement of the body.

This was a surprise to a lot of western yoga students. A lot of us had come from a philosophy of pushing forward, striving to do better and were expecting to "work" to perfect our yoga poses. We had seen yoga as a way to be stronger and better versions of ourselves and his advice wasn't what was generally expected.

When you know yoga is a good idea but just can't seem to settle into it then walk. There are mindful meditations you can investigate on google or like the monk I would suggest walk in nature if possible.

Check this great article from the NY Times about walking in nature

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