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Through lock down and beyond

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

It's a strange time. The same world that is suffering a global pandemic continues to be witness to brilliant sunsets and an unchanged moon at night. The world that has us afraid of interaction continues with natures beauty and has many precious moments in store for us I am sure. Everything continues the same, yet everything is different.

Last night I was invited to "log in" to my uncles side as he is dying, I got to chat to my daughter in the UK, my mother in the South Island and frantically message my son to calm down and take his time but go back to his girlfriend in lock down. This morning I was messaged the scan of a new grandchild while I wrestled with business accounts in my new home office.

If anything this home lock down is a relief. I don't have to worry about whether or not I am sick, can I go to work, how do we maintain distance? What will happen in a downturn? We are in a downturn and have 17 staff, a giant lease and maybe a million in stock just sitting dormant in the quiet of a commercial street in lock down.

Even with our good house, small bubble with only one child and barely present ghost like teens it's been hard to find my feet in this situation. My natural anxiety has been pulling at me throughout the day like an agitated toddler, trying to get my full attention. The changes required for business and yoga classes seemed too stressful until I remembered why I continue to teach yoga.

I teach yoga for this reason, to assist others to find their feet, to ground and move to find space in their bodies and minds to make it through circumstances like these. Yoga gave me the resilience to move through impossible circumstances to not just survive but thrive. From there the practise of yoga assists me day to day to keep peace of mind and by teaching yoga I hope to keep my heart open and alive.

So to make a long story short I remembered how important my personal practise is in these times and how important regular practise is for all of us. So I invite you to morning classes to lift our vibrations as we journey through lock down and beyond. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 7am -7.45. Check the payment plans for login and koha details.

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