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New to Zoom?- no tech? no worries.

As I said earlier my first zoom class felt like a fiasco. Those who have come to any of the ones I have run will know I still get stuck at times with losing my screen or the class becomes a tiny picture, thumbnail? But it is not hard. If you have a quiet area with room to lie down your mat just go for it.

There are probably a lot of guides online from more knowledgeable people but if it's new to you I really want to encourage you. You need to download Zoom onto your computer or phone. Just google Zoom and chose the download option.

When you open your app chose to join a class. The teacher or school will provide you with a password and meeting ID. Put in the password of the class you are going to and you will be there :-D

You can chose to be part of the class seeing all the participants or focus on the teacher. If like a friend of mine you just made it to class with barely your PJs on then you can keep the video off as well.

You can explore Zoom features before you start or once you have done a couple of classes. In little classes classmates who use zoom for work can generally help out after class if you need advice. Alternately being part of a big class all focusing on a common goal does not leave much room for conversation but is so enjoyable.

Give it a try! Invite friends from other cities and countries to come along and do a class with you. I might see you there :-D

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