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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Hi I am Chevanne. I love yoga. It has kept me physically fit enough to enjoy a life of activity, and mentally freed me from difficult life circumstances I might share more about one day. But the pricing can put a lot of people off this life enhancing experience. That is why I am doing low cost 6 week yoga courses and 10 week yoga classes. So if you decide to come once a week for 10 weeks it is $95. If you decide to come to two or three classes a week it is $130.

Last year outside The Sanctuary, Petone

Regular practise is the way to go for your health and will give you the best results from yoga. You can pay up front or make weekly APs of $10 -$20 for the duration of the classes. With small classes you can ask questions and learn techniques to practise at home or just come along and enjoy our small group.

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