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Awesome zoom classes I love (or want to)

Teaching on-line classes has been interesting but attending on-line classes has been awesome. I love going to zoom classes. My first one was a massive fumble. I had promoted it on my page, arrived late and didn't know that I had to turn off my microphone and that everyone could see me enter. What a fiasco!

But I know now- keep the microphone off as I enter!

It's so great to be in a class without actually having to leave home, create more pollution with my car, change my clothes and generally rush about. There are a few free/koha classes like mine and that's also great. But like some of you I am back to being time poor, working and trying to keep it all together. So I have made a timetable of awesome free, koha and affordable zoom classes to investigate when I have the time.

Already I am in love with Bone Yoga, so simple and mindful the yoga of ease and comfort. I have added a hot yoga studio from Christchurch since I haven't done that for a long time and it's great way to energize and stretch out. It costs but less than others. There is also a fabulous looking range of classes free/koha from a studio in Raglan that I am keen to try and a local teacher in Wellington who has some lovely looking classes too.

Yoga has helped me to improve my life and maintain good habits but the secret is regular practise! So here are some great options. Please send me any other classes that should be on here, that have improved your well being. Apologies in advance if any of the classes are no longer running when you get to them. It's a good place to start looking :-D

Enjoy #wowkiaora, #yogatimenz

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