• Chevanne Rodwell

A New Mindset

The yoga I started with was more athletic than what I teach now. When I first started practicing yoga I was so challenged by the physical aspects I didn't notice how it had freed my mind. It seemed like I started making powerful positive choices from nowhere. I began to action things I knew were right to do but just hadn't been able to follow through with before.

The regular practice of yoga bought me back to fitness in my body but also allowed me to think more clearly about the life I was living. Over time I transformed my life from constant difficulties to the life I live now. Over the years some clients have said to me they practice yoga for flexibility in their mind as much as in their body. Like me they notice they can get stuck in negative thought patterns at times and yoga helps free us from that trap. As you learn to embrace your movement and breath I hope you find the same freedom inside and out, body and mind.

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