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2021- here we come!

If you are beginning your yoga journey or use my yoga classes to support your home or other healing practices I welcome you. As another year approaches I am once again grateful I discovered this practice that soothes my mind and spirit, and keeps my body strong. It has been a pleasure and honor to be part of your yoga experience.

2020 was the year it all happened and for a short time nothing at all happened on a grand scale. I am talking about lockdown here. The threat of a global pandemic and for many of us the sudden halt of everything we were familiar with.

The earth flourished, some of us panicked, some relaxed bewildered at not working for the first time in our adult lives. I felt grateful my children are mostly grown so we only had two teens, an adult child and toddler at home. I also learned my dream of working from home was not at all practical and I am not as introverted as I thought. I quite like the daily ritual of going to work. Running classes on line was a big learning curve! - thanks to the many supporters along the way.

I am quite tired though. I have suspected as much for a long time, giving up my studio and martial arts practice more than two years ago now. So this coming year I am supporting your yoga practise online in the morning 2 days a week and in the Council Community classes.

This gives me time to be with family, work on business and my own yoga and cultural practices. This way I will always be pleased to see you and excited to be facilitating your yoga classes.

I encourage you or perhaps I should say challenge you to give yourself time this coming year. Perhaps make time to celebrate life with the simple things such as time alone and select activities you are needed for or enjoy, avoiding the temptation to overfill your time. Also a reminder to spend more time in nature if you can. No pressure but being in nature can be a good reminder of the miracles that surround us, that we are also part of.

All the best! Have a Merry Christmas and see you online or in class in the new year.

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