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Kia ora and welcome to Yoga Time

Now, more than ever, we need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Yoga is an excellent way to slow down and look within ourselves. 

I use different yoga styles to refresh the body and cultivate a positive mind set (see the styles below for more information). The yoga techniques I teach will help you gain mobility,  flexibility and energy in the body while relaxing the mind.  With regular practise, your physical agility will increase and your mental stresses can reduce.

community classes 2021

Community classes are sponsored by Hutt City council. For a full list of classes go to In the Hutt facebook page or contact the Hutt City Council.  See the list of classes I am teaching in the classes menu.

Virtual classes

2021 I plan to keep payment for my 6.45 am yoga online classes by koha (donation) only - you choose what you pay.

My classes are run via Zoom every  Tuesday and Thursday at 6.45 am. These may need to move forward to 6.30am towards the end of Jan 2021 but I will keep you updated. 

To join my morning class please go to the payment page - you decide how much you want to pay (any payment from $0 to $50).  Once you have submitted your koha, you will be able to access my Zoom class.

Alternately you can contact me for the zoom invitation to be sent to you directly. 

Class expectations:

  • Feel free to leave your camera on if you are comfortable - I enjoy seeing you all "in person".

  • Please do ask questions or for clarification if you need it - my aim is to keep these virtual classes as useful as possible so if you are having any difficulties, please let me know.

  • In an ideal world, all my Zoom classes will run smoothly but sometimes tech issues do occur and I will try my best to resolve them - please bare with me when this happens.

Please get in touch over email or facebook if you have any questions. 





  That influence my yoga classes  

Hatha Yoga 

Hatha yoga is strong, powerful movement with breath (vinyasa). There are many different kinds. It strengthens body, mind and works with prana (energy) and the chakra energy systems to become physically and mentally strong and free.


The regular practise of hatha yoga and vinyasa flow changed my life from re-occurring cycles of relationship, financial and general misery to a life full of freedom, health and relative wealth for myself and my children. 

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is the practice of holding specific poses in place for long periods of time (minimum of 90 seconds). It works the muscles as well as the connective tissue for extreme flexibility.


Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin yoga helps by opening your meridian energy lines to  promote organ health. 

I first came across this style in India. It is considered the "yoga of surrender" but with the use of props, it can be a wonderfully  restorative experience.  

 Yoga Time 
with Chevanne
Calligraphy Yoga

Calligraphy yoga comes from the wisdom of Tai Chi and Chi Gung which are known to benefit joint health, mental well being and healthy aging or longevity. It is a system designed by Master Yang Mien. 

Through teaching yoga, I realized that many of my clients were missing out on the amazing health benefits I experienced because of poor joints and low energy. Practicing calligraphy yoga and channeling chi energy the movements can be light and less physically challenging. 


Amazingly  the results can be even better than a strong physical hatha workout.  Especially if you have limited mobility.


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