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Yoga is a great way to slow down and look into ourselves. We prepare for this by stretching and strengthening the body in time with our breathing or with the assistance of props and gravity.  So with regular practise we are physically more agile and mentally less stressed. The general Yoga Time classes are taught by Chevanne. They are small and friendly using different yoga styles to get the best results for our different bodies. Everyone comes along to learn techniques of movement and breath control that will help us get more mobility,  flexibility and energy from the body, while relaxing the mind.  We also enjoy having a laugh once and a while since it is all about improving our health to enjoy life more. 


Yoga Styles

Hatha Yoga 

Hatha yoga is strong, powerful movement with breath (vinyasa). There are many different kinds. It strengthens body, mind and works with prana (energy) and the chakra energy systems to become physically and mentally strong and free.


The regular practise of hatha yoga and vinyasa flow changed Chevanne's life from re-occurring cycles of relationship, financial and general misery to a life full of freedom, health and relative wealth for herself and her children.  Wanting to find out more she went to Goa in India to train to be a yoga teacher and weaves this wisdom into her classes in the hope you will discover these benefits too. 

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga holds poses in place for a minimum of 90sec. It works not just in the muscles but also the connective tissue for extreme flexibility. It also opens meridian energy lines and relates to organ health through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

Chevanne first came across this style in India. It is a very challenging style, the "yoga of surrender" but with the use of props it can be a wonderfully restorative experience.  Ideal to bring into general classes to prepare our bodies for more challenging yoga positions. 

Gravity Yoga
Calligraphy Yoga

Calligraphy yoga comes from the wisdom of Tai Chi and Chi Gung which are known to benefit joint health, mental well being and healthy aging or longevity. It is a system designed by Master Yang Mien who comes from multiple Tai Chi lineages and wanted to share the health benefits of this system after his martial art became exploited in Australia and Germany. 

Through teaching yoga Chevanne realized that many of her clients were missing out on the amazing benefits she had experienced  through poor joint health, low energy and lack of fitness. Calligraphy yoga makes the benefits accessible to all and was her first formal lesson in cultivating chi energy which still fascinates her today. 

Holding yoga poses in place to promote flexibility. This yoga is based on physiological and sport based theory.



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